What If Trump Wins?; FBI Reopens Hillary Email Investigation - MSM Silent

Just thought about something.

*If* Trump wins, will the left escalate their crimes from petty vandalism?

Right now, wikileaks and Project Veritas have revealed the shenanigans from Democrat insiders.

And Hillary supporters aren't even hiding their criminal behavior but flaunting it as some sort of self-righteous act with the tacit help of the mainstream press.

As one commenter put it to describe the shallow and infantile mindset of the leftist activist, 'Me right! Me smash!'

It's all in their own words. They commit crimes and engage in corruption right in the open. This is how they view things. This is how much they respect people.

So if Trump running elicits so much anger what will they do when he wins?


Also. This thing about the nuclear button. Please.

Just stop if you bought into that bit.


It probably won't lead anywhere but the timing is interesting. Still...

Explain once again to me how the mainstream press are not in cahoots with the Democrat party again?

The FBI reopened its investigation of Hilary's emails (one would hope they weren't willing to stake their reputations on Hillary of all people) and not one of them reported it. Did they find intent because I think this is what tenuously was protecting her?

WaPo, NYT, NBC - whatever. They shouldn't even be in your browser anymore.

Anyway. This is about to give Krugman a stroke so....there's that.

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