Obama Commutes Sentences

Finally, we find something Obama using his pen to good use.

Sure we bash him around here, but when you act as a humanist, you will be given credit.

Although they're not pardons. It will be very hard for these people to find jobs, vote or even own a gun as is their right. So, it's all tepid praise.

"...Obama clearly is trying hard to make up for lost time. In a speech on Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said there will be "many more [commutations] to come." Yesterday White House Counsel Neil Eggleston said Obama is committed to "using his clemency authority through the remainder of his time in office." If he maintains this month's rate in November, December, and January, his total will be around 1,500. If he picks up the pace, he could still reach the "thousands" predicted in 2014.
Even 2,000 commutations would represent just 6.9 percent of the 29,000 or so petitions Obama has received, making him slightly more merciful than Richard Nixon by that measure. That nevertheless would represent a huge improvement from where Obama stood just six months ago."

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