Daily Derp: How Does It Feel?



Bob Dylan, looks like, has concluded Nobel Prizes are no different than winning a prize at the amusement park.

Plus he has a view on Israel that runs contrary to the left's take. How long before they turn on him?

How does it feel to be on your own?


That good old tolerant progressivism.

Being gay Trump supporters is grounds for threats.

Sorts of like stories we read about pseudo-self-righteous, hyper partisan assholes who justify committing acts of vandalizing because Trump is evil. What a sad, sordid state of affairs and points straight into the minds of progressives and their seething intolerance sometimes graduating into acts of violence.

Remember all those alleged acts of violence by Trump supporters? Turns out it was the Democratic campaign as exposed by Wikileaks who orchestrated - which should not surprise people.

These people have no principles and need to seriously grow up.


When I found out Chrystia Freeland was a Rhodes Scholar I wondered are they giving those things out like candy?

Looks like they're not big on character either.

I am thoroughly not impressed by what I see from graduates from famous post-secondary education.

Freeland reasons like a 12 year-old.


 It's not being a hack journalist when you serve your Hilary master.


'We should have nominated Rand Paul'. 

No shit.


Investment in infrastructure government style.

We must tear things down twice to progress - and jobs!


The Romans are wondering what the fuck is wrong with us.


Millennials have an impressive understanding of history. I pulled this gem off the internet.

"I'd argue that more people died under Bush than Stalin. It's all due to the strange double standard we use when defining who a victim of capitalism is, versus a victim of communism.

Today, thousands of people, most of them children, will die of easily prevented diseases the world over. Their governments are powerless to help because they're in debt to the World Bank, the ultimate tool of capitalism's ability to grab a country by the balls. All the 'low cost, high return' infrastructure projects that they persuaded developing countries to invest in turned out to be the opposite of all of that, and soon they're struggling just to make interest payments.

When that happens, the World Bank can force the country to make whatever concessions they like. Mining precious natural resources and selling them for a fraction of their value. International corporations controlling water and gas. Healthy and nutritious traditional crops ploughed over and replaced with quick cash crops like coffee. Healthcare and education go to ruin, and why? Because they're not profitable for the World Bank.

Sure, we can point to 40 million people who Stalin shipped off to the gulags. But it's more difficult to point to 10 milllion needless deaths per year in the developing world and call them victims of capitalism, because: either there's no figurehead to point at, or worse, the figurehead is us.

No word on Obama's (and Hilary's) murders.

Very ignorant minds.


It makes me Angery!


Are you ready for the cultural appropriation threat meter?

Fall of the West reason 3949555677888.

When the stupid outnumber even the mildly intelligent that's a problem.


Hillary asserts Russia is not interested in fighting ISIS (not exactly true) but rather, is interested in keeping Assad in power. But Assad is fighting ISIS. She lied. And for what?

How would Politifact rate this disingenuous assertion?

Here's the problem. When Putin can articulate a clearer action plan on Syria than Obama ever did, that's a check mate moment. Now Hillary is talking insane agitating for war against Russia. I know the Russian military is no match for the Americans but come on! Nor do I condone the actions of Russia and the Syrian army in East Aleppo which the U.S. is set to do something similar in Mosul.

Remember when she joked about having killed Khaddafy? A true statesman with respect doesn't do stuff like that. You do the deed and don't brag about it (no matter how bad the idiot was) like a petulant little twirp.


Trump would prosecute Hillary!


Remember when Democrats did it?


Top Ten battles in world history.

Millennials, listen up. Learn something.


Science must fall.

Because science and economics are 'white'. You didn't know that?


Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very stupid, ignorant and dangerous stupid girl.


No, no. Nothing to worry about, right Merkel?


No, Diana Carew - you don't know how economics works thank you very much.

And notice the usual progressive smile-smirk whenever someone dares challenges their untenable positions.

People don't owe people a post-secondary education. It's illogical to think the economy can keep up with the sense of entitlement. In any event, the economy could be more dynamic if not, you know, for all the excessive regulations that slow down the pace of creativity. Regulations I'm sure her ilk would support.


  1. Bob Dylan, it seems, is every bit as intelligent as he's often been credited for being.

    1. Refreshing, huh?

    2. Yes!
      He's no "sell-out".

      Now ...
      ...here's to hoping none of his songs are ever used in any of those crappy car commercials.

    3. He's one up on Springsteen and Mellencamp on that front.

      I think he's able to observe what most of us see and willing to call out.


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