Merkel Needs To Step Down Immediately

This is so incredible it's beyond incredible.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the CDU's recent losses in Berlin. In it, she issues basically a mea culpa and admits, well, to borrow the great words of Otter from Animal House, 'you fucked up! You trusted us!'

Her immigration policies have proven to be an outright disaster - as predicted. 

This is serious because she put Germany in a very difficult position. Not only that, she had threatened other European nations demanding they take in more refugees or migrants - at this point, who fricken knows who was let in.

So far, we've seen rapes and other crimes increase. In addition, they refuse to work while demanding welfare. While the West opened its doors, they complain of mistreatment and racism.

And what have been the responses to citizens who warned their leaders this was not a good idea and that they were not prepared?

The usual. You know, the progressive left making charges of intolerance and racism. Socialist politicians, those loathsome cretins, in place like Sweden tell women who face rape to 'tone it down a little' or in other places they put up stupid posters showing Muslims what is and what is not appropriate. The naivete and outright disrespect to their citizens, doesn't end there. You have all sorts of infantile projects including ideas to help Muslims integrate through music.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Just like Merkel offers a cautionary tale, Canadians are best to keep this in mind. Particularly with who is currently in power.

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