Justin: Canada's Self-Righteous Dictator

Shades of the NEP.

How long did it take before Justin went full dictator? I mean, didn't he get elected on the promise of ushering in a 'new' Canada (whatever that meant)? Didn't liberals rail against this very sort of thing when Harper was in power?

Funny. I don't seem to recall Harper making such demands on the province. Of course, Trudeau is a progressive and this is how they role. After all, climate change is one of those new nouveau-age quackery trends that permits them to go full bull shit throttle...for the environment....and the children.

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has given provinces until 2018 to adopt a carbon pricing scheme, or the federal government will step in and impose a price.

A tough-talking Trudeau told MPs in the House of Commons that provinces can craft a cap-and-trade system or put a direct price on carbon pollution — but it must meet the federal benchmark or "floor price."

Awful. I truly hope the provinces hit back. I don't expect Ontario and Quebec to do much but I do hold out hope for the West to take a stand.

The Trudeau Liberals will put this country on a bad economic path and I will proceed accordingly where my money and investments are concerned.

I have little or no confidence in the Liberals.

Not that I'm surprised by any of this.

The liberal-progressive way can be summarized succinctly as:

'Do as we command or we take away the perks you own as a sovereign individual.'

They will subvert rights to whatever shadow they chase.

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