Scandinavia's Success Is Not A Secret

Progressives love to leverage Scandinavia (and Europe at large) to guilt ride and extort North Americans into accepting more welfare is the civilized thing to do.

Not in my view it is.

It's actually barbaric to offer welfare to those who don't need it. It's called enabling. And this is how we enslave humans and bludgeon their spirit. It's anti-humanist.

But this is not the point of my post.

Often we hear about how if socialism is so bad, how come Scandinavia (and no, Finland is not part of Scandinavia! But Iceland is) is successful?

Simple really.

And for the sake of argument let's use Sweden.

The Industrial Revolution, propelled by the legacy of the Age of Reason (where true genius actually kept idiots at bay) and classical liberalism, came late to Sweden. But once smart Swedes figured out the blueprint, it soon became a wild success story. By the early 20th century, its economy was on the move (as was their impressive sports record. Sweden may not  have won a World Cup but it does have in its record a finals appearance. Its soccer legacy is substantial and nothing to sneer at) as confirmed by traditional metrics used to assess an economy.

Scandinavia as a whole succeeded because it embraced classical liberal concepts of free markets and free minds.

Once times were good, it was time to rape and pillage the coffers. This is where socialists and progressives enter. They used the money to expand the welfare state and entrenched themselves (the idiots overtook the smart people by now) in all aspects of Scandinavian life.

However, Scandinavians seem to have a mean pragmatic streak in them (they recognize where the gravy train originates) because each time they begin to run out of money, they seem to know how to revert back to the methods that enrich them. This has been the key to them staying afloat.

And so the cycle goes. 

Free markets and minds lead to wealth and prosperity. This can't be denied or refuted.

Closed markets and minds reverse this. This can't be denied or refuted as well.

No. There is no in between.

There is only one degree of freedom. 

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