Presidential Debate: Hillary Is Pure Evil

Just a couple of quick takes:

1) The moderators were ridiculously bias again. From Crowley to Holt and now Anderson and the other chick, it's embarrassing and unprofessional. Trump calling them out on it was fair. Remember kids, the liberal media is a myth and part of a 'vast right-wing conspiracy'. And the calls to subdue applause for Trump but not Hillary was pretty blatant as well.

2) They overplayed what he said 11 years ago and it left him an opening to call out Bill Clinton who actually was/is a sexual predator. But again...the 'vast right-wing conspiracy' made him do it.

3) Overall, Trump did better than expected and was particularly effective in hammering her emails and foreign policy.

4) Hillary made a strange assertion when she claimed Russia isn't interested in fighting ISIS because they want to keep Assad in power. Isn't Assad fighting against ISIS? The rebels, of course, being a diverse group in fine Arabesque fashion with a few with connections to ISIS to various degrees.

The moderators were busy trying to find ways to derail Trump to notice I guess.

5) She lies. But not in a politically savvy or coy sense that's come to be accepted but in a disturbingly cavalier manner. For example, Trump said she was Secretary of State when Obama issued his 'red line' ultimatum to Syria. She brazenly replied she was gone by the time Obama made the warning. What makes this stunning is that it's easily verifiable. That she was SofS can't be disputed. Yet, there she is lying to the American population.

And she leads in the polls. Crazy.

6) Clearly, the Clintons have no soul. One is serial sexual assaulter and the other a criminal and a liar. But people pay big bucks to get these two to speak at their events and galas.

7) The saddest most astonishing thing? This vile and repugnant bag of skin is going to be President. An incorrigibly corrupted and inept woman to the core who holds the American population at large in such contempt it makes you wonder if Americans who vote for her have any self-esteem, is going to lead the world's most powerful country.

Oh, check this quality fact checking out from the broadcasting company caught in a few media faux pas in the past:

FACT CHECK: Trump says Clinton "acid washed" her email server. She did not. More fact checks:

PolitiFact @PolitiFact

Half True for Trump claim that Clinton deleted 33,000 emails after getting a subpoena http://bit.ly/2dEmmIa 

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