Phrases I Hate: Something, Something Matters

Is there a more tiresome and vapid cretin than those who react hysterically whenever someone says, 'All Lives Matter'?

And it's extremely unfortunate each time someone is bullied into apologizing for saying it. Stand up and own it and don't back down.

Are they seriously making an issue of this? What would happen, say, if an individual or group decided to grow an 'ALM'? Would BLM go to war with them?

They're fighting over phrases.

A sad sordid state of sloppy affairs this is.

Nothing and everything matters.


  1. They can never come up with enough red herrings to distract us from the what the REAL problems are:
    A social climate that's antithetical to a decent quality-of-life
    Still on-going "civilian cold war syndrome" that's been frequently turning full-frontal lately
    Lack of decent communications between different factions
    Wanton favoritism toward select social demographic factions
    Unnecessarily harsh laws and Draconian penalties enacted by the "modern-day Pharisees" in charge
    Chronic alienation between "fellow citizens"
    ...to name a few of the real issues being continuously obscured by the current-day cultural obsessions permeated by "trendy-minded" twerps.

  2. One reason they fight over such trivialities: they've never figured out what really matters!


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