Keep Triggering

My nephew experienced his first encountered with a triggered person. He was retelling a story he heard in a lecture in class and the person took extreme offense attacking as if it were his words.

This reminds me of my own story I witnessed in a history class in university back in the 1990s. The professor uttered a quote from Edmund Burke (I can't recall which one but it was in reference to Africa) in which a student did not accept. Letting his emotions get the better of him, he railed against the professor about what Africans have to go through. The professor attempted a small defense explaining those were not his words but that of Burke's but the student was too far gone in his own anger.

It was, in a sense, a trigger before it was cool now that I look back on it based on what I observe on campuses today.

It further cemented my view that the vast majority of students in university had no business being there; let alone this idiot armed with a history degree.

Where once upon a time these people were a precious minority hardly given attention - perhaps in the form of a little pity - today they represent still a small portion of the school population but are much more vocal (and arrogant) in their stupidity.

I cautioned, to get back to my nephew, he stay away from her. That can be nothing but trouble. If someone is incapable of an intellectual discussion without resorting to hysterics, they're flakes and chances are it wouldn't be limited to just topics that trigger them.

As we see (as pushed by Obama with Title IX) in the United States, a man can have consensual sex and find himself in a whole lot of hurt and trouble.

Stay away is my advice. Don't look at them; look away. Some may stalk you demanding you 'explain' why you dare have an independent thought but keep walking lest they turn violent - which they're fully capable of.

It's ironic that such people have a hatred for a society rooted in liberty are given so much space and a platform to spew their invective perspective on Western civilization. The 'social construct' they want to build and impose are the very structures that prevent them from speaking their minds.

That is, one side is free and the other totalitarian (and whatever other forms of it from communism to socialism to welfare-democracy and so on. All ideologies rooted in the collective and the use of force to instill a world view). 

While the bacteria we call Social Justice Warriors may not be going away soon (one would think their irrational plight should peter out. Dark ages do eventually lift), one thing we can do is find the positive.

I thought about it a little and came away with the theory it's good all these SJW's are out there. It makes for picking a mate much easier. Whereas perhaps a whack job wouldn't display it overtly in the past, these days they've bubbled up to the surface.

In the case of my nephew, it was merely a friend (who claims her father is a racist. I'm sure it's true) but even then, not worth the hassle.

So my advice is when you've witnessed a person being triggered or been accuse of doing the triggering, don't bother arguing. They're not in it for the rational discourse. Just be glad they exposed themselves and you were given a heads up.

Keep triggering I say.

It helps the decent among us.

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