Artificial Intelligence Likes Trump

AI system has Trump more popular than Obama in 2008.

Look. If he does win it will be more because the American voting public decided Hillary is just plain bad news and carries too much baggage. It will be as much a sober vote as it would be a protest one.

The calculation, I presume, would be simple: We see and know what Hillary (who speaking of artificial thinking, wants to spend - among other dubious things passing off as progressive, $500 million on bullying. May as well waste it on something fun if you're going to waste money) is. She has a track record - 30 years they say; though I believe it's actually, what, 18 as a public servant?

Public servant. Two words that describe exactly what she is. She neither cares for the public and you can bet she doesn't see herself as a servant. A master more but not servant.


We don't know what Trump would be like because all we have are his words.

Trump is an awful option. But it wouldn't be irrational to vote for him all things considered.


  1. We have here: Two adult political candidates vying for top office in the U.S. who, emotionally and spiritually, "never got past grade school" with all the reasoning and maturity befitting of the average 10-year-old.

    But, then again, whoever wins would be the "official ruler" of a country whose adult population "never got beyond grade school" themselves, so either one would be a fitting choice.
    Same sense of logic, same sense of reasoning.
    "Leadership" custom-made for the country and people being ruled over.

    1. I think that goes for most countries including mine up here. Except A) we're not as heavily scrutinized as the USA; luck us and B) other countries hide it better and do it with a twist of sophistication.

      It all stinks.

    2. The U.S. does tend to be a bit crude, face-value minded, and a bit illiterate in its mannerisms.

    3. Not alone. Look up Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau pushing an MP in Parliament. They feign sophistication but act, when it counts the most, highly emotional or without class.


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