Deep Thoughts With Obama

Upon being asked by Jimmy Kimmel about why people distrust Hillary, Obama offered a garden snake variety type of response along the lines of, 'well, when you're around 30 years it's bound to happen people are gonna dig up stuff about you'.

Huh. Is that a fact?

It's an interesting comment and I admit it's got some level of truth to it. Stick around long enough and well, stories.

But here's the thing. The stories around Hillary are largely of her own doing and choices and it's a reflection of a healthy and engaged citizenry or journalism it be investigated and exposed. She doesn't get to do things any citizen would have been locked up for and then be shielded by such an excuse put forth by Obama.

I don't see how, for example, the fact she used her Foundation to enrich herself while SofS or setting up an unsecured private server, or insult people calling them 'deplorables' can qualify under Obama's claim.

People do work in one place for the same amount of time and manage to, you know, not engage in questionable activities. It's astonishing how much of a long leash we give politicians.

His position, while makes sense on the surface, doesn't pass the sniff test with Hillary.

She's thoroughly corrupted and in it for the cold, hard cash and power.

A classic public servant she ain't.

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