Dark Clouds Forming And A Call To Classical Entrepreneurship

Troubling trends for the Canadian economy.

As we all know, the Liberals predictably tabled a spending budget - drink! - soon after they seized power. At the time, I wasn't the only one who noticed it was all spend with little provisions on how to pay it back. In addition, if you're going to increase government spending, it's important the economy grows at a healthy pace - which isn't the case at the moment. Government revenues have also dropped off.

With the sluggish U.S. economy basically in recession - drink! - it's bound to have a negative impact on the Canadian economy.

Dark clouds are forming.


Word on entrepreneurship. Finance Minister Bill Morneau recently said Canadians would have to get used to having on average three careers in their lifetimes making it crucial they garner different skills in order to make changes. Read, not jobs but careers.

That put a lot of strain on future generations for sure.

Increasingly gone is the notion of an employee making a lifetime commitment to a company.  The new economy and ever changing, confused and unsettled mindset among millennials has all but assured its end as its currently formulated.

I'm sure something will happen to reset the trajectory - it always does - that few if any of us can foresee - unless you're a sci-fi writer. They always seem to know the future.

But in the meantime, I repeat my assertion we should be teaching finance, bookkeeping and business early in school ( I see way too much economic and financial illiteracy and it now has reached disturbing levels for me) so that students naturally endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit receive the proper skills to start a business.

One way to encourage more entrepreneurs is to remove the anti-business rhetoric from our discourse, lessen the tax and regulatory burden and not place obstacles in front of innovative companies that upset the market.

Many of the great and dynamic ideas of our times come from the United States. It doesn't have to.

My personal view is we should ditch the 'top down' idea government 'spurns innovation' and leave in the hands of those best suited for it: Free individuals.


There's an ideological, I submit, component to this. 

Millennials for their part, need to read more and knock it off with their flirtation with Marxist and Communist bull shit. If they want to work and contribute, they will have to embrace capitalism and get acquainted with its basic tenets free of all the left-wing gibberish.

There's no time to entertain bull shit anymore. Leave that to trust fund and career politicians and academics. They have nothing to lose and have enough connections to ensure they're well taken care of.

Not so much for the average person.

Smarten up I say. Think for yourself. Save your money. Invest it wisely. Don't rely on anyone or the government.  Don't wait for the government to give you the signal. You carve your own path. Don't make them believe your future and success is in someone's hands. This is not true and unhelpful. So ignore the Obamas and Warrens and other fearists of this world and their dated progressive nonsense who scream '1% of the population is stealing from you or preventing you from moving forward'. There is no bloody Koch - or any - conspiracy. Such talk is for natural born losers.

Only you prevent yourself from progressing. YOU.

It's all doable. A little self-belief and drive and away you go. I believe in you. Trust me. These words will help you more than any current progressive will. Remember, to a progressive, you're a means to a collectivist end.

Classical entrepreneurship demands you act in self-interest. Only once you and your lot are secured can you contribute to strengthening your community at large.

Just get it done.

No excuses.

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