Think For Yourself

I keep telling my daughter this but even as I utter the phrase it feels empty.

What does that mean these days?

For example, liberals and progressives are fond of it as well (question authority!) but their entire philosophical outlook has little to do with an individual's freedom to think. They've built up a system of thought that's almost exclusively built on other people doing the think for them.

This is the part where I may help to navigate her around.

If, for instance, a bureaucrat says 'salt is bad for you' I have to deconstruct and deprogram this input to remind her 'one size does not fit all' and the assertion may be completely irrelevant to her lifestyle.

Another way for her to learn is to completely ignore the media; which feeds us so much nonsense it's probably worse than salt and sugar combined!

Media and bureaucratspeak should come with its own warning labels.

Think for yourself. Think about what it means.


  1. Are you telling me what to think?
    Let me dwell on that a while ...


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