Eternal Vigilance Is The Only Way To Protect Liberty

Where free speech is concerned, I don't give a shit what Muslims think about what is said about them. Not because I'm racist or hate them or anything.

But because I stand firmly on the side of freedom of speech and expression. Hate speech laws are a misguided black mark on our existence. An absolute disfigurement of liberty; an affront to what liberalism has fought both philosophically and militarily for. Suppress it and you'll just drive open a black market for free speech; speakeasies for free speech if you will.

Weak and meek is the civilization that ignores and betrays our heritage.

Human Rights Commissions, free speech czars, and whatever other bull shit title squeamish little twits come up with are not examples of progress.

They're designed to keep us in check according to the state's vision of what constitutes speech in 'the marketplace of ideas'.

Nor, as said often here, do I believe there's such a thing as 'balanced' free speech.

All they're doing is regulating free speech to the extent these jerk offs (and I deliberately name call to illustrate a point) don't like what's being said of them.

Well guess what? People are gonna say and think whatever they want and this is the cornerstone of who we are. If we don't defend it, we betray who we are.

We are our own enemies.

And the day I see countries like Britain, Canada, Holland and other countries in the West actually take to task Muslim leaders who spew their own hatred - and let's face it, the shit they say is far worse than anything Maclean's or Mark Steyn could ever say - is the day I'll accept we're not being politically correct. CAIR and CIC (who are really starting to get on my nerves) can squawk all they want to the contrary but we see what's being said. Maybe instead of going after our freedoms they should focus on the real hatred  spoken in their name.

Where free speech is concerned, the United States is superior to any country on earth bar none. For now, the First Amendment remains in tact and not under duress like the Second Amendment. As long as that holds up, the West has its last refuge of liberty still living with a pulse.
Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my home country of Canada.

"Jason Gratl, a lawyer for the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Association of Journalists, which support Maclean’s in the case, told the NYT: “Canadians do not have a cast-iron stomach for offensive speech,” Mr. Gratl said in a telephone interview. “We don’t subscribe to a marketplace of ideas. Americans as a whole are more tough-minded and more prepared for verbal combat.”


It's more than that. In the absence of said marketplace, we've deluded ourselves into believing it's because we're more 'progressive' or "civil'.

It's nothing of the sort. It's because we have no impulse for liberty as a cherished cornerstone of what makes us Canadian.

Canadians talk of 'values'. To me, if freedom is not absolute, all other 'values' are just mirages.And here, our values usually run through the bosom of the state.

Which is to say, they're not borne from us believing we are sovereign and free.

Don't ever be swayed into being made to feel guilty for being free nor should you ever, never, ever, qualify your position with a 'yeah but'.

Recall, Charlie Hebdo is liberty.


We've arrived at a time in our existence where people (shitheads like Bill Nye for example) are actually calling for climate change skeptics to be arrested. Why stop there? Why not go after people for questioning minimum wage? Or organic food? Or the viability of electric cars? Or whatever? In Europe, it's against the law to question the government!


And to think the buffoons in that amateur club house they call a party, were angling to tighten hate speech laws. The Liberal party of Canada are no friend to free speech.

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