Hillary The Horrible: Awful By A Corrupted, Country Mile

I can't even understand how it's even a debate.

She's awful.

Awful as a politician, awful as a person from what I've read and an awful intellectual.

To wit:

If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulation.

From where I sit, this is every bit as dangerous anything Grandpa Gulag says about the economy or Trump has asserted about walls and immigrants.

Moreover, this 'so and so doesn't believe such and such has rights to' line is dubious in its application I reckon. It's (or should be) irrelevant or inconsequential what a politician thinks about which rights they select to be legitimate.

What matters is what is enumerated in the Constitution. Politicians come and go; with it their whims and whimsical ideas of what society ought to be. But the Constitution stays exactly where it is, comfortable (for now) in its content and message.

 It cuts right to the heart of her and her party's thinking on rights.

How can a right be 'regulated'? It's also intriguing to note progressives only demand 'reasonable' restrictions on rights they object to. That's what ignorant-enlightened authoritarians do after all, no?

She's a tyrant. And she will lead Americans deeper onto the path of tyranny.


Her position on gun rights are an abomination.

"We cannot let a minority of people, and that's what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people" said the former Secretary of State." 

Of course, it's perfectly alright to impose legislation on the majority law abiding gun owners on the false premise of a minority of people who commit violent crime.

In fact, most government legislation is driven by a tyranny of the minority. Often, it's the majority that has to pay (figuratively and otherwise) for the actions of the few. It's the essence of how government grabs and maintains power.

Hitchens was correct. Why in the world would Americans even consider her? And this was before her brazen disregard for the law regarding her private email server.


To me, and it could be an erroneous bit of logic I confess, gun control is very much like the anti-tobacco crusade.

They assured us back when it hit its stride in the 1980s it was never going to apply to the private sphere. Yet, slowly, bit by bit, they hammered away and we find ourselves at war with smokers in their homes and cars.

They knew all along chisel away slowly is the best way to achieve their ultimate goal of complete ban (without ever moving to make it illegal because the government is too addicted (excuse the pun) to the tax revenues).

There are no winners here. Just nannies, tyrants and hypocrites.

It's the same with gun control. 'Stop being paranoid. No one is coming for your guns.'

In liar bureaucrat, progressive speak, it means this is EXACTLY what they want.

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