Don't Let Panic And Hysteria Drive Your Rational Thoughts

Since the 1960s death by guns has been on the decline. This in a population of 320 million where it's estimated there are 300 million guns.

Yet, the progressive left, those sane and upstanding greater-gooders, want to amend if not outright remove the Second Amendment for what amounts to a statistical anomaly where gun rampages are concerned. In other words, they advocate for the remove civil liberties from the vast majority of law-abiding citizens for a tiny, if not insignificant, portion of the population that goes Travis Bickle.

About that mental illness thing and 'no guns list'. How much do you want to bet the database would swell to hysterical numbers in a heartbeat.

Remember, if you support gun control you're on this side of the equation:

The trick is, if you abolish private property rights, it's much easier to solve the gun issue.

Unlike most left-wingers who hide like little dinks behind 'for the greater good' line, at least this guy admits what we all suspect is the end game.

Now that's rational and logical thinking right there ladies and gentlemen.

Bottom line: There is little rational or statistical reason to beat this drum to the point of eroding civil rights.  

My concern is if they get their way with the 2A, the First Amendment is next because we're already seeing an increased call for censorship.

Look at it this way.

Would you advocate wiping out alligators after what happened at Disney? Of course not because death by alligators are rare. I believe this was the first in the 45 years Disney has operated the park and the first death in Florida since 2010.

How bizarre are things where guns are concerned? The AMA has declared guns a public health hazard even though death by medical malpractice dwarfs those by guns.

More troubling, as noted in past posts, is the idea of taking the irrational war on guns to gun sellers. More people die in bicycles, car and household accidents than they do guns. Are we to start looking at those sellers?

My point is - snaps fingers - keep focus and stop reacting hysterically.

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