Liberals Screw Small Business

The Liberals, surprise, have made mandatory CPP increases. 

What a tired, unimaginative and counter-productive thing to do.

But hey. They're Liberals, right? The natural governing party of bull shit. 

Canadians need to quit living vicariously through the state - who feed off small business - to fund their retirement. Stand up, save your money and invest it wisely. Why the heck would you give more to bureaucrats to put it away for you? It's literally irrational.

Worse, the government will claw back, for example your OAS if they deem you earned too much money. Think of it. You pay into these crummy and dated schemes all your life only to be told, 'hey, yeah about that OAS we forced you to pay into. Yeh, um, you have to give it back because rich.'

It's despicable and my advice to anyone reading this blog: SAVE YOUR MONEY AND MAKE YOUR OWN WAY. Stop asking for free shit. It only drives the price of those services up (which you don't see) while reducing the quality.

The Liberals are NOT FOR SMALL BUSINESS so I wish they'd cut it out with that bull shit.



Just pulled this quote off a CBC article:

As the C.D. Howe pension panel adviser Tammy Schirle commented in the Report on Business, among many advantages of the plan, when employers and employees contribute to the CPP they effectively save the future taxpayer the cost of paying the way of people who failed to save."
That's all you need to know. You have to work for those idiots.
The bottom line is the middle to upper middle classes plus small business are going to fund this incredibly expensive expansion and will not see a dime of it.

Morneau and the Liberals know this. But what do they care, right? They'll be long gone and comfortable by the time people realize they were gamed. The Liberals can give people the most generous pensions ever and it still wouldn't guard against one thing: Choice. As in people make their own choices that sometimes put them in a bad position.

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