Brexit: Not A Bad Thing

Brexit is a good thing for the UK.

I'll go more into details and impart my wisdom soon. I'm quite backed up at the moment.

But first:

Oh, how I wish this continent could have such speakers!


I find it interesting how the left is so angry by the result they have taken to blaming the poor, uneducated and Donald Trump for the vote. This permits them to angle for another referendum. In other words, they don't like the result so, as committed democrats, they want a re-vote. Sorta like how when they don't like certain kinds of speeches they still claim to be *for free speech*. They remind me of Quebec nationalists who will keep having referendums until the *right* result transpires. And once that happens, suddenly 'democracy will have spoken and all is in stone' and if you challenge it you're a sore loser and extremist.

I'd like to add, and it's worth noting. the EU is a place where they've made it a criminal act to criticize the EU.

Yup, you heard right.

Why in the world, then, would you consent to be a part of such a technocratic construct that runs contrary to liberty?

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