Progressive Impulses In One Sentence

‘I am too angry for that.’  

There you go. Let all your emotions dictate your reactions. Let it be the basis of policy. Let it control your rational mind.

'God dammit! I have no idea what the difference is between a semi-automatic and a multi-automatic but all I know God dammit is you're an asshole if you own one because murders! And while we're at it, if we can't pass sensible, common sense gun control then go after the sellers. I mean, come on! I know this is very police state but COMMON SENSE! And when we're done with the smokers wait until you see what's in store for gun sellers!'

This is what I decode whenever I hear their absurd inanities.

I've grown tired of middling comedian political commentators. The whole shtick has jumped the shark into smug ignorance. 'Oh look at that conservative, soooo stupid' is basically all it amounts to.

Not a shred of interesting thought behind the formulaic and forced humor.

Samantha Bee, your run of the mill Canadian sufficiently ignorant of American history, is pretty much the Queen B of insufferable comedic-pundits who more than anything display a depth of shallowness that can only be described of disappointing if not shocking. I have enough of Neil MacDonald sprouting off progderp on my dime.

Yet, as she goes off on a screed against free, law-abiding citizens (with the usual rants against the NRA), government is increasingly passing such laws while it exempts itself (much like Obamacare).

Think of what they're saying. Basically, because of the action of one idiot (and this guy was no different than Lanza or Roof or any other nut), the law-abiding citizen has to turn their guns in?

And don't be a fucking fool. The end game IS complete confiscation. The day Americans turn their guns in is the day the tides of liberty will recede for good. Americans must stand up to it.

There is only ONE moral solution. Leave people alone. You have NO RIGHT to disarm them if they feel they should be. Moreover, blaming only guns is wrongheaded.

Are people this insipid and disconnected?

Of course.

They don't read books. They have no use or interest in history and if they do, they manage to miss the entire point or apply contemporary sensibilities to it. 'Why should I read something so outdated? Life is soooo much more complex now and I can make sense of it through my whimsical comedy. Yay!'

We truly are an ignorant wretched bunch for our arrogance towards our collective heritage and past.

Then people wonder why we have scholars who want to sanitize literature.

Folks. It's a Dark Age.

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