Progressives Are Not The Minority; They Are The Establishment

Progressives like to paint themselves as under dogs facing a gigantic monolithic block of blockheads; specifically conservatives. That they somehow hold little power and are merely trying to make right the obscene offenses wrought by capitalism and the horrifying notion of individual liberty.

I often, also, here to be called a liberal is a pejorative. This I can but concur. Except, it's not liberalism. Liberalism was murdered by progressivism. Progressivism believes in a society of experts diligently making decisions for the rest of us under the mistaken belief it's for the 'greater good'.

A more foul intellectual scourge courtesy of German intellectualism there has not been.

Progresssives are the ones who have rewritten history - and continue to do so. They so loathe the British form of The Enlightenment to the point of madness.

All what you see on a daily basis on self-described liberal websites - Huffington, Daily Kos, Vox, Salon, The "new" New Republic, The Nation and so on - is not liberalism; it's progressive talk with its constant attacks on anything with an individualist ideal.

This is why they so dearly want to rewrite or scrap The Constitution. It being a product of The Enlightenment, it doesn't possess a single idea or concept that coincides with the natural authoritarianism of progressive thought.

Don't be fooled into their 'woe is us' nonsense. Progressives have been forming minds for over 120 years now. Any type of interventionism proposed and backed by 'experts' is the result of the progressive's idea of 'doing things for our own good' with an added arrogant extra layer of 'the price for civilization'.

My overall concern with all this is the progressive is not interested in the sovereign individual. It's only interested in the collective. In other words, you live for your neighbor.

Look. Salt bans, soda taxes, anti-tobacco campaign, carbon taxes, calls to imprison climate change skeptics, trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity as a means to an through affirmative action, censoring speakers, gun control, and a whole litany of outrageous assaults on civil liberties all stem from the progressive left.

Each of these come with its own hideous unintended consequences and one-size fits all stupidity. 

It is true political conservatism has also jumped on board to use the state to push their own agenda, but conservatives have held less power in 20th and 21st century Western politics than liberals and later progressive-liberals. The entire structure is progressive.

Again. Once you understand this, it's not surprising to see their positions on, say, the 1A and 2A. They know damn well those amendments don't back up their claims. This is why they bend its meanings and where they falter, simply demand 'it's time to amend or scrap' them.

I mean, these are different times, right?

Progressives are not the minority.

The base root of Western enlightenment is liberalism in its classical form. Those who adhere to it are the true minority.

They're called classical conservatives - and libertarians.

And when progressives eat their own or come after YOU for your opinions, who you gonna call?

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