Beta-Male Progressive Pseudo-Intellectual At Huffington Makes Case For Violence

I find it interesting that while progressives claim there's an 'uptick' of violence with no evidence to back the claim up, go out and justify the use of force to push their agenda nonetheless.

No one should be surprised given this is very much in line with the progressive ethos. They feel they're in the right and hold the moral and righteous high ground (their t-shirts and flags say so!) ergo violence against others not in their camp is justified.

And they have increasingly brazenly have said as much from the Vox clown who Tweeted he's for it to Huffington Post writers.

And as usual, they lie and lie and lie to push their fetish for violence. For example, in the article linked to Huffington, the author (some Jessie Benn), claims there's been an uptick in anti-Muslim violence because of Trump without a shred of evidence.

Perhaps Mr. Benn is in line for his own beating? We'll see if he writes such nonsense after getting one. Beta-male, leftist, pseudo-intellectuals like Benn who advocate for violence are the first to run or get lined-up at the wall. They're the last people capable of defending themselves. Of course, they do so presuming they will have the backing of the state.

The mask slips every day with these people.

They're neither for justice nor freedom.

As history of the progressive movement has clearly shown, they crave violence to be heard; mostly because they can't articulate their arguments in any clear manner except to froth at the mouth like starved jackals.

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