Orlando: There Is No Panacea

It's not surprising gun-control activists went into overdrive within hours of the tragedy in Orlando.

We're always told civil decorum dictates we keep our mouths shut by not politicizing a tragic event after a tragedy.

Unless you're a progressive with an agenda of course.

Then all bets are off. Progressives hold the answers and policies to what ails nature and humanity you see.

But I'm here to tell you don't buy the bull shit.


If you notice, all they propose is the removal of freedom from one group through force.

An equally disturbing trend is going after gun sellers. This is a lynch mob (cultural warriors if you will) going after people. They're no different than ancient people who looked to the skies and idols to explain away mysteries. Somewhere, somehow the lynch mob egged on by progressives need to find their scapegoat to explain the irrational.

Why stop at sellers of guns? Bartenders are all already put in an impossibly position of gauging if patrons had enough to drink. What's next? Going after auto makers whenever someone plows into cyclists? Or how about alcohol companies for DUI's?

We're losing our rational bearings.


  1. After the tragedy of last Saturday night will they have to change the name of the nightclub to "The Pulseless"?

  2. Maybe "The No Pulse" would be a better name?


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