American Classical Values Under Assault

I think we just need to let all this madness slide by and simply wait for a 'rediscovering' of American classical values. Much like how the Renaissance ushered in one of the most explosive periods in human history where intellectualism and philosophy, music, engineering, art and architecture were concerned via the uncovering of Ancient Greek and Roman texts, there may be a time where Americans will come to appreciate it once more as it ought to be and as it was intended.

Wise, rational and genius minds will simply conclude it's not worth or too dangerous to speak up or out and with it will be a further devolving of achievement and ideas. Once it's safe to come out, we will see another Englightenment.

Until then, just look at what's going on campuses to see where we sit and stand.

It's one way to rationalize the blinding levels of stupidity I'm reading these days.

What I'm seeing and hearing is not good and very much in line with the blanket that covered Europe during the Dark Ages.

The assault on the Constitution is the single most disturbing trend in U.S. politics at the moment.

American intellectual discourse is also under going a massive transformation. Article after article after article (and hilarious response to Kuntzman here) after article dictates the Constitution needs to give way to a strong man to make decisions for the greater good. It's foolish as it is cunning as it is troubling.

The core position of progressives is to remove individual liberty in order to submit to the collective. A murder takes place? Remove guns. Speech offends? Embrace censorship. Dare to challenge a narrative like climate change and its nutty positions? Face calls to imprison you.

Guess which side is on the path to destruction?

In my view, the Constitution is a brilliant document that will stand the test of time and overcome the assault against it.

We can but hope Americans will be vigilant and defend it and let this middling mob of tyrants - who gnaw at its content like dying jackals - pass.

And let a reinvigorated age of liberty be ushered in.


  1. Should we really be having so much faith in, and be placing such a large stake in, a document like the U.S. Constitution, an official decree comprising numerous obvious self-contradictions?

    Take the 18th and 21st Amendments for example: which ones can the authorities enforce clinically? Both are still on the books, right? How come Amendment 18 has never been deleted altogether?

    Intraoxymorons like that are what make me so dubious of The Constitution as being a document I should put my faith in.

  2. Parts of the Constitution are worth fighting for - 1, 2, 4, I would argue. True, there are redundant and contradictory aspects - welcome to humanity - but it's still the only liberty oriented document on earth - at least the original.

    I think your assessment probably finds a better place in fighting the numerous and often superfluous laws on the books. Start there.

    Tyranny is the natural default of man. And it's slowly winning this battle.


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