Trump Forceful Stance Going Over Well In Japan And South Korea

It would take a special kind of snowflake to take Trump at face value and to further believe he'd start WWIII.

On that notion of war, it's been posited we're already engaged in a preliminary World War with ISIS.

In any event, Trump as a catalyst for WWIII is about as useful as calling him a Nazi.

It has no basis in any rational theory.

Whatever conditions that could lead to a war have already long been laid before his arrival. And if we want to really be picky, set in motion (to the extent of the West's role) during the last two administrations.

While Bush has taken his licks for Iraq, I don't think Obama has taken nearly enough criticism for his role in Libya, Egypt and Syria. If Iraq unleashed a path for ISIS, Obama certainly did his part to let it grow.

In other words, he was ineffective, inept, incoherent and inefficient in his foreign policy in the Middle-East.

That's the Mid-East angle.

Then there's the North Korean one.

Here, we find the Far East is kinda digging Trump's position and tone. It's interesting to observe, to start off, how the military seems quite enthusiastic whenever he speaks as we saw in his Japan speech where he was full of praise for Japan. He spoke straight from the heart and it came off as such.

It wasn't necessarily the case with Obama where he would speak to a muted audience who didn't seem to feel his vibe pointing to low morale in the ranks.

Obama simply wasn't a President the military could rally around.

It's a different story under Trump.

China, for their part, seem to enjoy his blustering style and contempt for political correctness which they see as liberal arrogance.

As for his diplomacy skills, South Korea gave him two standing ovations in a recent speech.

I don't recall Obama getting one let alone two. The UN doesn't count given its a useless organization.

Alas, TDS is in full motion now. Remember Bush Derangement Syndrome? Now the left say Bush is reasonable.

The head spins with progressives and their lack of principles.

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