Fight For 15!

And be Funemployed!


Reminds me of this joke from the wonderful world of the Internet:

Hey, Honey! The greatest thing happened today! I won’t ever have to go back to work, and we can go fishing every day!”
“What happened?”
“I got fired!”


Oh. You think it'a about the workers, eh?

No, it's not.

It's about sticking it to the 'rich'.

It's never about the poor, the workers, the children with the left. It's about envy and taking down others. It's about making everyone equally miserable and mediocre.

The illiberal agenda of progressives is about control and power. Little else.

"In matters of automotive aesthetic mastery, there have been only two major influences. From about 1910 to 1939, the world looked to Paris, where the best designers worked their magic. After World War II, French leftist politicians intentionally destroyed the coachbuilding industry to punish rich clients who had sustained the business. This also killed great marques: Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye, Talbot, et. al., thereby ending French design leadership.
An enlightened Italian communist party thought jobs more important than class warfare, allowing the flow of raw materials French communists had stanched for the carrosseries. Ferraris and Maseratis were meant only for the rich? Their money could support hundreds of craftsmen and their families. Thus was born the glorious 1945-’75 period when Italian car design came to lead the world in terms of aspirational vehicles."
To their credit, Italian communists were a little more intelligent and pragmatic. But that's another strain of thinking not fit for this post. Suffice to say I was told by an Italian writer that Italian communism - like all things in Italy - was a suggestion and highly flexible. 

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