Tavecchio And Ventura FUORI!


Sounds like the FIGC have a couple of squatters in their ranks who think it's just another day at the office. 

These two deluded, embarrassing nincampoops are refusing to resign. Staggering given what they just did to Italian calcio. If they are still presiding in the next few hours there's something corrupt and rotten in the FIGC. Galliani and director Michele Uva need to be shown the door. 

Out. Let the revolution begin as 'Corriere dello Sporto' have called for.

This thing of shafting talented young players has to stop. Italy has the depth and talent to easily qualify for every World Cup and then compete for the title. Even this group that played very well at Euro 2016 beating formidable squads like Belgium, powerhouses like Spain and forcing Germany to take them out in penalties (Germany still hasn't beaten Italy in open play). They didn't suddenly forget to play and score. Ventura erased this and then decimated their confidence.

It wasn't very hard to look at Italy players and determine a formation around them. Everyone knew the 4-3-3 is what suited them. Had he been paying attention he would have formed a bedrock around Gagliardini and Florenzi and Insigne and Jorghino each highly skilled tandems for their respective teams Roma and Napoli. By far the two best sides in Serie A. Those four alone could have been incredible servicing and complimenting Immobile and Belotti. That alone would have seen them through without doubt in a 4-3-3. 

Then there's the defence. One cycles too many it turns out for Chiellini, Barzagli and Bonucci and at the expense of Caldara, Romangoli and Conti. And experienced players like Criscito and Giovinco were outright ignored. In fact, Ventura was so parochial and myopic I bet you he didn't even know where they played (part sarc). Point is, it's unacceptable to have such a coach in one of the most important soccer nations to think this way. 

It's time for them to step in, along with Chiesa, Spinazzola, Bernardeschi and Donnarumma who should be under the tutelage of Buffon.

But all this youthful talent and skill will go to waste with the wrong coach and mindset. Never mind the damage it does to the perception of Italian players abroad. Insigne was treated as if he was second-rate so people begin to wonder, well, if the coach didn't use him how bad is he? But that's not the case here. The reality is it's Ventura who was the problem.

To be fair, Ventura is far from alone with his weird quirks. Italian soccer is filled with stubborn if not egoist managers. Prandelli lost all faculties in 2014 with his choices and formations. In 2002, Trapattoni managed defensively when it was not prudent to do so, Zoff and Donadoni made their calls that were questioned when they were at the helm. Cesare Maldini didn't use Baggio until it was too late in the quarter-finals against France in 1998. I believe even Gianni Rivera wasn't fancied at the 1970 World Cup. But the difference in those cases is while there were bitter disappointments and bad judgment calls, it didn't degrade the system and there were solid results in spite of it. It was only in the last 7 years have we seen serious consequences and it culminated into Ventura.

Find prominent roles for Baggio (who saw the future back in 2010 only to see his warnings fall on deaf ears thus ensuring his departure), Albertini, Del Piero, Buffon and Maldini - IMMEDIATELY. 

Albertini in particular should be given the nod as he seems to have a forward looking plan. 

La Nazionale has to be repaired and it must start with a fresh, progressive face. Not with the shit and sludge running it at the moment.

Ventura didn't have the balls to speak to the media after the game sneaking out of a Milan hotel leaving it to his players to face the music. They did this the best they could and of course it was Buffon who did all he could to save the face of a broken footballing system after the game.

Buffon. Legend. Class.

If Ventura stays, I wonder how far off from a situation where players refuse to play the Federation is. 

Asking De Rossi to warm up at a critical stage while Insigne sat was simply the act of a clueless, arrogant man who put his ego above the team. And De Rossi made this clear. So bad was Ventura's defeatist attitude he claimed Italy was always going to the playoffs forcing Buffon to respond 'we must not get accustomed to mediocrity.' Words I've never heard an Italian coach ever utter. Buffon did well to react immediately. 

Ventura basically broke their spirit and confidence with his faux-pragmatic rubbish. 

There are reports Ventura lost the room as players rebelled and yet he still sees himself fit to guide the legendary Azzurri? The brand he just damaged? 

And like it or not, Italy not qualifying goes beyond its borders. It's a massive blow to FIFA and the World Cup. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they take a financial hit. Italy has a massive, loyal fan base across the globe. Italy not being there is a huge blow to the World Cup.

Ventura must go and take that white-criminal racist Tavecchio along to the unemployment line. 


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