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"In this conclusion essay, I weave together the different voices in this special issue to voice the role of autoethnography as a method for radicalizing knowledge production as decolonial academic-activist solidarities. Theorizing the body of the academic as the site for intervention into the authoritarian-neoliberal regimes of knowledge production, I imagine the ways in which the account of the personal disrupts the colonizing tropes that are reproduced by postcolonial cultural studies, offering home as a site for voicing resistance."


Just love New Real Peer Review. 

Remember kids, this is how Marxist gibberish like 'white privilege' is born.

Here's another for kicks:

"Some queer theorists have developed a theory of ‘queer time’, while others question the metronormativity of queer studies. However, we do not yet have an account of rural queer temporality. Drawing from a wide survey of works on queer time, this article sets out to imagine what such a theory might entail and how it might demand changes of queer theory. Considerations of rural queerness have tended to be representative or ethnographic in nature. This article takes a different tack: it lays the groundwork for a ruralizing reorganization of time and queer affect. To do so, it challenges the temporal modes that often underlie the ostensibly neutral preference for cities. It imagines a queer thing indeed: rural modes influencing queer city life."

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