Trudeau A No Show At Trade Table; Upsets Partners

Pissing off Australia and New Zealand in the process.

As The Australian reports:

“It’s less than ideal to have every leader and trade minister from the other ten countries sitting around the table and not have Canada there. It’s not an ideal outcome,” he said.
“There is of course still opportunity for us to continue discussions to try to work our way through the last remaining issues Canada raised,” Mr Ciobo said. “But at this point in time it would appear, at the request of Canada, we’ve been unable to have leaders achieve a resolution today.”
A source close to the negotiations said there were “a lot of very angry people, a lot of very pissed off leaders” at the meeting.
“The Canadians screwed everybody,” the source said of Friday’s apparent situation.
The Australian side was understood to be angered over the development, which was seen as deeply embarrassing for Vietnam as the host country."
The Star tries its best to put a rose on this stinker by Trudeau.
So much for a 'better' Canada that doesn't disrespect anyone.

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