This Isn't Over

Someone said the Weinstein thing is just the tip of the iceberg and boy were they onto something. Since then the list of people accused of sexual assault is growing and growing (and I truly hope justice and due process isn't compromised) including Spacey, Louis CK, Al Franken and now Stallone.

At this point, I think we're gonna need bigger prisons. Heck, build a Hollywood prison!

If I was artistic I'd create a Boulevard of Rapists painting. Or here's an idea for TV shows: Sexually Incorrect with Al Franken.


  1. The "firestorms" resulting from "Hurricane Harvey" are burning out of control.
    It'll be a long time before they are finally fully "contained".

  2. I have to admit I don't think what Louis CK and Franken (minus the tongue) did rise to sexual assault as we've come to know or understand it. We're on a path where looking at women wrong will constitute assault.

  3. Lately I wonder whatever happened ton the quintessential Public Relations Departments (or the P.R. guys as they used to be known as).

    Isn't the idea of creating an "idol" or "legacy" to exude a "larger than life" persona? To try to cover up the "warts" and frailties of said "idol"/"legacy"? To create a type of "ideal image" which trumps that person's reality?

    In fact there's an adage among those in the performing arts that goes something like "Like the musician, hate the person" (or "actor"/"actress"). There's a reason such a saying exists. Because if we are to "learn a little too much about" those we either admire or worship we could easily find ourselves completely disillusioned or extremely disappointed.

    Hence, that's the job of the "PR men"----to conceal or downplay any scandals which may arise concerning the famous.
    But, like most all other areas of employment and occupation/profession, the industry must have been laying off their fair share of PR personnel and replacing them with A.I.s----and we know how persnickety/perfunctory/exacting computer programs are
    ...the slightest thing "out of whack" and VIOLA!----it sends out some kind of "alert".

    The way I see it: If we are going to be that officious about delving into the private lives of public figures and celebrities then we should be ready to "lump it" when we discover their humanity trumps the utopian imagery surrounding their reputations and legacisms, and quit being so eager to crucify them upon discovering these individuals are "not always what they're cracked up to be".

  4. The flood gates are so open now it overwhelms them I reckon. You can't spin what's gone on. It's out of their hands.

    And how about we make examples of politicians who pull this crap?

    1. What I worry about is that all this will culminate in the introduction of even more Draconian laws and penalties that will invariably trickle down to the "average Joe/Jane"----while the more privileged will still continue to get away with committing the same transgressions dozens of times over before finally being called to account for their actions/behaviors, whereas the "average Joe" finds themselves in a shitload of trouble over one or two offenses.


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