Laying To Rest Hillary Won The Popular Vote And Trump's Bankruptcies

Of all the talking points that persists on the progressive mind set two stand out for me.

The first is the constant mentioning about how Hilary won the popular vote.

Given the system is about winning the electoral college, this is akin to saying 'we scored more goals than you so we win even though we lost the series'.

Never mind the bulk of her support came from two places - California and NY. In fact, the EC did its job. Imagine Hillary winning on the strength of L.A. and NYC? Doesn't sound representative does it, right?

It reminds me of when progressive invented the '66% of Canadians didn't vote for Harper!' as an attempt to delegitimize his victory.

It's their MO. Try and remove legitimacy by showcasing ignorance.

The other focuses on Trump not being a good businessman because he had multiple bankruptcies.

Once again showing the left are business illiterates.

In high school he had a Business law and Book keeping class. It was, looking back, a highly useful class. One could say it acted as a vaccine against the progressive virus when it comes to the subject.

In this class, we learned all sorts of interesting things including learning about the personality profile of entrepreneurs and examining what it took to launch a business.

Here, we learned that failure is the norm in business. It's here we learned '8 out of 10 businesses fail' and that the average billionaire filled for bankruptcy anywhere between 4 and 7 times. It's the rule and not the exception.

Trump is no different here. What's important to focus on is the determination and the fact he did eventually succeed despite failing. It's, well, the perfect character building story.

That he failed in the past has ZERO relevance to his current situation. If you were in a business board room or a bank and you said this, you'd be rightfully laughed at and be told Moscow is that-a-way.

Yet, this stupid take is popular and I hear it from people who should know better all the time.

Look at it this way, to borrow a baseball analogy, if a player hits .280 he's considered a solid hitter. If he hits .300 and over, he's a star and a stud.

In other words, you're a success if you hit the ball 28% and 30% of the time.

And so it is in business.

You can squawk all you want about Trump.

It won't detract he's successful.

Sure, we can quibble about how he achieved it and that he's 'cash poor' or whatever. Alas, we can say this about a lot of successful people.

Could you imagine the Hillary Inc. sausage factory?

Time to bury the PV and the bankruptcy talking points.

It's dated and never mattered.

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