Marie Claire And The Face Of Totalitarianism

If you wonder what totalitarianism (unhinged critical theory in the age of the 'resistance' if you will) looks like consider this Tweet from Marie Claire:

We're still waiting for an explanation of Taylor Swift's decision to remain apolitical during the 2016 election.

No MC. Taylor Swift owes you tyrants jack shit. Do you understand? NOTHING. 

It's her damn right.

Not that logical consistency and principles are a forte for such publications but so much for women power, eh? It's all feminism until one flies over the cuckoo's nest. Then it's all 'yo bitch how come you  disrespect us? ANSWER!'

How about a simple 'fuck you' or 'mind your fucken business'?

Good on Taylor Swift and I hope she holds the line and gives them the finger.

We saw this 'pick a side' nonsense recently with that idiotic rant penned by Jeff Blair.

Marie Claire. Get the fuck outta here. Like they can discuss the difference between Aquinas's Summa Theologica and St. Augustine's City of God.

Point is, as far as I'm concerned, ignoramuses have no business demanding people close ranks with their degenerate political views.

Now go back to fabricated what women should be or whatever it is they claim to do. Never mind that fashion and Hollywood is filled with scum. They're the last to be lecturing people about this kind of stuff.

Holy shit have these publications become a cess pool of insufferable virtue signalling or what?

Think of it. Marie fucking Claire likens itself to 'the resistance'. It's beyond the Bizarro World.

GQ, Rolling Stone, Cosmo, Marie Claire....

Trump forced them to drop their masks and boy are they ever ugly.

Meanwhile, he's handling the affairs of the country just fine. Not that the media is going to fairly report on him. 

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