Laws Of Science And Nature Will Determine Earth's Fate; Not Man

The Second Law of Thermodynamics suggests the earth will die in a 'heat death'.

From Live Science: 

"...The Second Law also predicts the end of the universe, according to Boston University. "It implies that the universe will end in a ‘heat death’ in which everything is at the same temperature. This is the ultimate level of disorder; if everything is at the same temperature, no work can be done, and all the energy will end up as the random motion of atoms and molecules.” 

In the far distant future, stars will have used up all of their nuclear fuel ending up as stellar remnants, such as white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes, according to Margaret Murray Hanson, a physics professor at the University of Cincinnati. They will eventually evaporate into protons, electrons, photons and neutrinos, ultimately reaching thermal equilibrium with the rest of the Universe..."

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