Tweet Of The Day

"shikha sood dalmia@shikhadalmia

Honest condemnation of #Berkley violence must also condemn those who invited him.What's point except baiting n inciting in Trump's America?

This line of thinking is a derivative of the anti-free speech position stating: Yeah but they say bad things we don't like so ergo we must ban or censor them."

In other words, it's illiberal.

And Dalmia contributes as a 'Senior Analyst' at Reason magazine. For shame. Tell you what, if this is how she reasons then it's time to toss her sorry ass.


  1. People don't know how to debate properly.
    They just don't have the discipline, open-mindedness, patience, or stamina necessary to do so in a constructive manner.

    1. Precisely. Hence, things like the ludicrous 'I believe in freedom of speech but...' Lazy and dangerous.


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