SPVM: Clean Up Your Mess NOW

I'm infuriated and disgusted with the SPVM.

Here they are fighting over their pensions refusing to kick in their part while wearing camouflage pants as part as their disapproval in the dispute, yet they have the gall to pull this shit?

How am I, as an Italo-Montrealer supposed to accept this kind of behaviour? Here are two officers who risked their lives to help take down the Mafia and this is how they're treated?

We always knew racism thrives in Montreal and Quebec - we call it Quebec Inc. not unlike the good old boy networks you see in the Deep American south or corrupted police forces like those in New York and Chicago - but it's always good to see it flushed out.

Quebec gets to always fly under the radar because no one pays much attention to it but boy do they do corruption good here.

Only problem is they asked the Surete du Quebec - an even more racist outfit - to investigate to see if there is any truth to the allegations made.

Excuse me if I'm not going to hold my breath.


As if we don't have enough prove as to why Toronto has surpassed Montreal on so many fronts, the fact Toronto has had Italian police chiefs running their operations and Quebec none says a lot about this place. Personally, I've lost patience with Quebec to have it catch up to the rest of the continent and have decided to make proper arrangements to eventually leave.

As for Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre he recently declared - through a unanimous vote - Montreal a sanctuary city joining the ranks of uber-liberal cities like San Francisco and New York.

Perfect. In a province that doesn't embrace multiculturalism - and still struggles with the English language bogeyman - couple with poor public finances and held by calcified corruption embedded into the system, I don't see how this will work out well for us.

And if I see violence increase, while the cops do nothing like we see in fricken Europe to the point they lie about statistics, I will without hesitation pit the blame on Denis Coderre and his administration.

They will not escape criticism and hopefully face accountability for their actions should things go wrong.

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