The Great Irony That Escapes Progressives

Progressives love government. They advocate for more of it. It's the line, in their minds, that keeps us from becoming savages. Civilization is the government.

Except the government is force.

All the people or minorities or groups or whatever they claim to want to help are victims of government force.

When socialists were being beaten up in Italy just before and during the war, it wasn't Fascists per se that did it - it was the government. The ideological names change but the violence stays whoever is in power.

Poor people in America languish in prison largely because of the war on drugs and poverty.

Now we send people to prison for selling loonies and potentially - who knows? - for drinking too much sugar.

The aggression of the state on people in the interest of their own good contributes - not enhances - to the decay of communities as it busts up families and businesses.

People now losing their minds over DeVos are not connecting the dots. The largely useless and toothless Department of Education isn't an agency that's protecting the integrity and quality of education; one could indeed claim it's there more to protect the unions. Indeed, one has to wonder about a department barely 40 years old can have such a strange almost messianic hold on the left. The United States - and other countries - managed quite well (it can be argued even better) before its creation.

Another irony? Progressives are threatening to pull their kids out of public schools (always for the right reasons with these folks, eh?) and considering options like homeschooling are proving the very point conservatives and libertarians and true reformers have been asking for: CHOICE.

And DeVos is a proponent of school choice who prefers education be handled at the local level.

It's the exact recipe needed to (hopefully) reform public schools and permit creative minds in the private sector offer new ideas where education is concerned.

THIS is the real issue.

It's not just in education but in every facet of our lives. Government should not have the final say or be the ultimate arbitrator of where we send our kids to school or how we use health care services.

The only legitimate and valid way is through free choice.


Another area where progressives aren't thinking straight is when you compare climate change and unfunded liabilities.

The former is considered to be 'settled' even though it's quite clear A) there's a body of work questioning it and B) the solutions to an issue rooted in faulty premises and manipulated data are likely going to amount to little at an enormous cost to economies and ultimately individuals.

The latter, on the other hand, we know to be fact. However, the left are unwilling to take the necessary steps to begin the process of remedying the real elephant in the room for the eventual collapse of our welfare system. It will have a far more immediate and drastic impact on the lives of millions.

Dealing with this issue is possible and within our grasp and means. It will take some readjusting of how we view the role of government in our lives where finances are concerned as well as real reconfiguring of how pensions are dealt with. But it can be done with true leadership and realistic and honest discourse.

It's a fixable human problem; climate change, on the other hand, is mostly in Mother Nature's control (therein lies the heart of the debate that's brought into question - man's role in climate change) to which in reality we don't have the power to have an meaningful solutions.

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