Progressives ARE The Bricks In The Wall

I bet you that people who sing 'Another brick in the wall' and its iconic lyrics,

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the class room
Teachers leave those kids alone

Are also the ones losing their absolute minds over Betsy DeVos for what is really a useless and toothless department. One so inconsequential to the quality of education you can shut it down today and it will have no impact whatsoever on anything. 

It's quite the example of how irrational progressives have become with regards to the formulaic, coerced top-bottom approach to education. They literally believe the line between education and abject ignorance is preserved and protected by a government agency barely 40 years old that caters more to unions than the actual quality of education if results are any indication.

They're so disconnected from reality it wouldn't surprise me if they enlisted Pink Floyd's masterpiece about isolation and alienation through the education propaganda machine and its cruelty and assault on individualism and creativity scream for more public education at the same time.

This is where we're at. They're world view is in a state of chaos. The result is manic reactionary shrill, unsubstantiated, hypocritical, nonsensical, accusations as the dizzying sophistry spins out of control.

They liken themselves to rebels; radicals. Intellectual iconoclasts if you will.

They're none of these things. They're just...statists.

How can they be if they submit to the force of the state and collective? They completely eradicated the role of the individual. They stripped any intellectual or moral agency they possessed and handed it right over to public officials and institutions.

They're just...bricks in the wall.

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  1. Those lyrics were a commentary on the infusion of social-engineering brainwashing into an otherwise academic format.
    As well as on the militant-style perfunctory rituals of the classroom, which psychologically transform free-will/free thinking children into "robo-head" serfs/minions.


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