Black History Month Had Its Time

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is now 0 for 2 where his musings on history is concerned. This blog took apart his ridiculous 'we are Rome now' comments after Trump's election as part of the neurotic over reaction to Trump's election. The overall gist was to point out a country doesn't just become 'Rome' at the snap of a finger through one election. If anything Rome teaches us, these things evolve; it's a process. 

His assertion displayed a superficial grasp of Roman history. 

Now he weighed in on black history month. 

What do I think as a dedicated observer and reader of history?

I don't like the idea of black history month. It's absurd. If anything, it demeans the black experience and contribution to American culture and history. The same would be said of a Latin or Jewish or Irish or German or Italian American history month. What's the point of ghettoizing history?

Black history month is identity politics by other means.

There's no such thing as 'black' or 'white' history. There's just American history and African-Americans make up a part of that experience.

I think American blacks need to rebuild their families; once a model for Americans to adhere to. Not only that, it's time to lay to rest the slavery position. This long memory is damaging the essence of blacks and is doing more harm than good. It's time to truly rebuild the beauty of black America.

Morgan Freeman nails it:

Notice the reaction by the 60 Minutes interviewer in all its shocked smugness. He couldn't believe what he was hearing because he couldn't conceive of anyone - let alone a black man - saying such a thing.

All he could muster was 'how do you get rid of racism without BLM?' How much more vapid can he be?

Having a month dedicated to history of a group prevents racism?


Ontario, not to be outdone, declared October 'Islamic heritage' month

Absurd. Absolutely ridiculous. Think of how retarded our politicians have become. Nationalities who have contributed far more and have been in Canada far longer like Jews, Irish, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese and Italians don't have a month in their honor (now you're sort of getting the picture of why it's patently stupid).

Up until the 1980s, there were barely 100 000 Muslims in Canada. They pretty much have nothing connected to the founding and growth of this country on any level. They came to a country that was already established and built by others - Jews being a key player.

Yet, they have their own fricken month? Ontario is run by real morons.

Oh, by the way, just an off-hand observation. Those Muslims senselessly murdered in Quebec City,
it also should be noted, because it's kinda important, the Mosque was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and was found to be funnelling cash to terrorist organizations.

Don't be emotionally manipulated.

I better be careful. This can get me in serious trouble in Trudeau's Canada.


  1. Yes, everything is integral in the overall scheme of things.
    However, I think the likes of Black History Month is part of a reaction to how blacks in general have always been somewhat underrepresented in the collective realm (popular music notwithstanding).

  2. Be that as it may, but MLK is American history now.


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