On The Patriots And The White House

It's worth noting...that when Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas chose to not visit The White House after the Bruins won The Stanley Cup citing he disagree with Obama's policies, he was ripped to shreds in the media. We were told it wasn't about the President but respecting the Office.

Now, six New England Patriots have decided they won't go because of Trump's policies. Suddenly, the narrative switches to 'freedom of choice' and 'questioning authority' and all that.

Sorta like how the anti-war left have arisen once more! Even though Trump has not specifically made any proclamation of war; unlike his predecessor who was at war every single day of his Presidency.

Principals over principles.

Therein lies what grates me most. Once you remove partisanship from the equation, how is what these players are doing any different from what Thomas did? Are we to believe somehow one was disrespectful or borne out of ignorance (I seem to recall Thomas's statement as being rather eloquent) and the other rooted in principles and knowledge?

For it be, I call bull shit and further call out the hypocrisy of people.

Principles my ass.

In any event, plenty of athletes skip The White House visits for a myriad of reasons. Tom Brady didn't go the last time the Patriots won a couple of years back.

But the difference here is these athletes politicized it and now they're fair game for criticism. For example, one of the players asserted Trump is a racist. Aside from the possibility of this being libel, I fail to see how this is a legitimate reason given race relations eroded under Obama who didn't exactly make great efforts to quell the rising divisiveness. On the contrary, his rhetoric often incited it. Here are 14 ways he did so.

Sure. Don't go. It's your right. It shouldn't be an issue. But imagine the uproar if six athletes did so under Obama.

Now you get my point.

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