Canadians Don't Understand Freedom Of Speech

They seem to think it's free to the extent the government permits.

Or that somehow magically democracy sets the general terms of what is acceptable speech.

It's bull shit.

You either have free speech or you don't.

So yes.

I have a huge problem with stories like this one where the police peruse the internet searching for hate peech.


It's Orwellian full stop.

So onto what prompted this post:

"A 46-year-old Kirkland man was charged Wednesday with inciting hatred against Muslims just days after six Muslims were fatally shot while praying at their mosque in Quebec City.
Antonio Padula was charged with public incitement of hatred and uttering threats after police discovered disparaging comments online.
Padula was shaken when he appeared in court via video-conference and learned that he would be detained overnight pending his bail hearing on Thursday.
“I am not going to handle a night over here,” Padula told the judge. 
The judge instructed the court constables to look after Padula. He will appear in court on Thursday for the bail hearing.
The Montreal police arrested Padula at his Kirkland home around midnight after receiving information from the Sûreté du Québec’s cyber surveillance unit. 
The arrest comes a day after Montreal police said they had received numerous complaints from citizens about hate speech — some of it criminal in nature — being posted online in the wake of the attack on a Quebec City mosque on Sunday.
Montreal police say they investigated 55 hate crimes against religions in 2016 compared with 24 in 2013.
On quiet Shediac St., satellite trucks idled in front of the modest cottage where Padula lives. Reporters roamed the street in search of comments from residents about the midnight arrest of their neighbour.
“I know he’s self-employed, so I feel sorry for his wife and children if he’s taken out of the workforce,” said Stephen Ore who lives nearby.
“But ethnic nationalism has no place in Canada. My wife is half German and people have told her they wished she was dead.”
Jesus. If you believe this is an appropriate response for rhetoric then you're an asshole.
Alas, there are plenty of people who simply have the wrong view:

"In a democratic society, freedom of speech is but one part of the equation; the other part which no one seems to mention is called accountability.

Yes, you have the right to say whatever you want, but renember that you will be held accountable in either the court of public opinion, or in extreme cases, the court of law.

You cannot defamate, harass, insult or threaten a person or group without consequences. Your "free speech" does not supercede another person's dignity and well-being. If you believe otherwise then you live in the wrong country."

Ah yes. The 'I believe in free speech but...' line of logic. 

And no I'm not living in the wrong country you insipid dope. You have it exactly backwards. You don't have that right. What you're angling for is a fucking police state (a police force I might add that's been pretty damn racist over the years) even if you don't realize it. And to not grant him bail?!? Where is the humanity in this?

No one has the right to 'protection' from free speech; to not be offended. Do people likes this buffoon even think before they spitter-spatter faux intellectual drivel?


Depressing really. And one that points to the shallow grasp Canadians possess where freedom of speech and expression is.

This thing about 'hate speech' is one dangerous road to be on making criminals of free citizens.

Despite what this person thinks but coercive action against speech is aggression period. 

Know what path we're on? I'll tell you.

One in which fair criticism of a group given victim status will be merged with pure hate speech (whatever that fucken means. If I think the cops are assholes for making criminals of people for speech does this qualify? Because I have to tell you, they're making it very hard for me not to think so) and once that happens we're all fair game. You get the same type of lazy and sloppy 'you criticize Obama because you're racist' we saw for the last eight nauseating years.

Everyone's a god dang racist.


Free speech is the single most important right we have fought for. It's above the reach of the government and there it should stay. It's more important than universal public or universal care of whatever kind for once you lose your right to an opinion you lose personal sovereignty because you handed it over to the state. You are now stripped of your moral agency.

And this is what 1984 stresses.

Why in the fucken world would you leave it in the hands of bureaucrats to decide?

I never heard of anything so stupid...and totalitarian.

So yes. Mr. Padula is the last of our problems if this is justified and accepted.

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