On Immigration Bans, Lies And Hysteria

The liberal media continues its assault on reason as it purposely elevates issues to fever pitch hysteria in order to rile up the base against Trump.

The howling winds of fake news shall reign from coast to coast!

There have been attempts by sober and sane minds to calm things down by trying to bring into proper context what's going on but they're pretty much drowned out by the hysterical yelping screams of the left.

The Congressional Research Centre published an immigration ban report.

And boy does it put a great gigantic, gargantuan crack into the unhinged left's perpetual outrage armour.

In a nutshell.

Democrats have issued 31 immigration bans since Reagan, while the Republicans 12.

And guess which President issued the most?

You go it Ringo. Obama with 19.

Can I get a Mel Allen 'How about that?!

I like this:

"uspending the entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of
aliens who are determined to have "contributed to the situation in Libya" in specified ways (e.g., engaging in "actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, or stability" of that country or may lead to or result in the misappropriation of Libyan state assets)"

So I guess Obama unwittingly included himself and Hillary onto this ban because they, you know, attacked Libya without Congressional approval and did sweet fuck all to assist countries that had to deal with the resulting migrant/refugee crisis. 

As pointed out, Obama also deported 2.5 million illegal aliens as compared to Bush's 2 million.

Yeh. But let's make an irrational issue of Trump.

Quite frankly, there's nothing out of the ordinary where Trump is concerned. He issued a 90-day ban for basically a review of the policy. He's also looking to help persecuted Christians and Zoroastrians out at the expense of Muslims. I don't see a problem with this at all given the former have been on the wrong end of one too many massacres.


DeVos is in. Good. She's for school choice. And once again, hysterics.

The Department of Education is an antiquated and bloated useless and toothless department that's been around barely 40 years. In that time frame, school unions have grown powerful while the qualit of education has decreased. People have begun to take matters into their own hands (i.e. Charter schools, Homeschooling and other options) because they know better than to expect real reform in the DOE.

In fact, I bet you you can shut it down tomorrow and it won't be missed.

As for her qualifications, Jesus, this sort of stuff happens in all governments all the time! She sends her kids to private school! She has no intimate knowledge of education!

I don't seem to recall the idiots crying about Obama putting tax cheat Timothy Geithner in charge of the Secretary of the Treasury; as well as other controversial appointments. Heck, Obama himself was a community organizer. Apparently this was enough for him to understand business and finance when it came to making critical policy decisions in those fields.

As this writer put it at The American Spectator:

"If she becomes Secretary of Education, the stranglehold of the teachers' unions and the educational bureaucracy on the education of millions of students will be in jeopardy. If her nomination is rejected, millions of children from low-income, inner-city families will lose a chance to escape a painfully failing system."

Except of course, they don't give a shit about the children.

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