Progressivism Is A Virus Infecting Free And Independent Thinking

To the mindless progressive changing the past is a path to a better future. To any person with a critical  thinking brain, all they do is erase. By erasing, it the ultimate act of deception; an aphrodisiac to middling minds without a single intellectual thought of merit.

For example, ban all the words you choose as they did in Burlington, Vermont recently when the South Burlington Vermont School Board dropped the mascot name 'Rebel'.

Heck, you may be one to be so inclined as to support these retarded initiatives. I mean, someone is offended, right? And you're not a bad person, correct?

But this is how they get you. This is how propaganda works.

Here's the thing, like the dopes who actually think you can regulate free speech and not expect ugly unintended consequences, the roster of "bad" or "offensive" words will expand.

It will.

Oh, you just watch.

And when it does. Ask yourself...did it really effect any profound change?

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