Spineless Liberals

If there was any doubt the Liberal party of Canada lacks principles just watch Foreign Affairs minister Stephane Dion speak (in all his lethargic and uninspiring babble) in the House of Commons on behalf of the Prime Minister in the aftermath of Castro's death.

A couple of points.

-Yes. Yes you heard right. It's the official position of the Liberals that using the excuse Castro brought (propagandized) education (literacy in Cuba pre-Castro wasn't any worse off) and (sub-par) health is justified. Shorter Dion: Yeh, he killed people but that's all in the past, man! He made a few more people read and be more literate in communist bull shit!

-On trade. They're big on this thing about Canada being a partner with Cuba. And what did it net the Cuban people exactly I wonder now? Not a whole lot. Pierre Trudeau's relationship with Fidel Castro had less to do with the reality and hardships Cubans faced and more of an intellectual and cozy bromance between to left-wing ideologues. It's how I've come to interpret it over the years.

-When pressed to condemn Castro, Dion held steadfast with the empty platitudes (and absurd comparisons to other world leaders doing the same; that is, praising a murderous tyrant-thug who imprisoned and tortured citizens) and refused to do so in a most despicable manner.  They lack principles. This is pretty much the sad conclusion of the sorry state of affairs with Canada's 'natural apologists' in the Liberal party.

/waves hand in disgust.

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