Blinding Progressive Ignorance

Let's just get this off first: Erin Schrode (Hillary supporter) doesn't know jack shit about Nazi Germany. If you know someone who goes down the 'Trump is Hitler' route safely dismiss them and move on. Sure, you can try and engage and get them to back the assertion but you won't get far.

For one simple reason. There's no comparison on any level to be made.

You'll get a lot of vague and specious correlations but not much else.

And lots of exasperated 'I can't believe you don't agree with me' grimaces.

Like I said. Don't bother. At this point, such people are not looking to discuss (because they're know nothings) their arguments; let alone history. I'm honestly starting to wonder if they even read history anymore. I mean, they've pretty much dismissed the past as nothing but old dead white racists so what's the point, right? History starts with them and them alone.

But there she is. Pretending like she does. Looking like an idiot. On full display is a profound ignorance that's quite troubling.

She's talking out of her ass sprouting the usual vacuous platitudes the progressive left are infamous for.

I'm almost completely certain she never read a book on WWII or any literature related to the war. No one who has would make a claim that Trump is Hitler and we 'need to learn lessons' from it.

It was so clear it's embarrassing.

The left was triggered by Trump being named person of the year. But I'm sure she didn't mind Obama getting a Nobel Peace prize despite his war mongering that surpassed Bush.


Anyway, notice the tactic. Make an absurd claim and don't allow for criticism of the claim so as to deflect needing to defend it. It's one ad hominen after a false claim. The left have a distorted view on what constitutes healthy and civil discussion.

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