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Right now, if I'm the Conservative party of Canada, I'm filled with hope and energy. The Liberals are just not cutting it only one year in. Trudeau's vision (if you can call it that) is dilapidated in its construct and his approach to governance has all the cynical shades and earmarks of his father only laced with more vapid political correct lingo and jargon.

It's empty headed governance for empty headed followers.

I just got in the mail an invitation to participate in a My Democracy (look it up) survey run by some company called Vox Pop Labs. Going in I was suspicion and coming out I was irritated. Could they come up with more vague and loaded questions? Not only that, they determined I was a guardian and proceeded to come up with a description of what this means that had absolutely fuck all to do with my responses.

Something tells me A) they take people for fools and B) the Liberals are going to fake their way through convincing people that their shitty conception of democracy is popular.

Like we saw with Trump down south, I'm hoping this sort of nonsense will blow up in their faces. With this in mind, all the conservatives have to do is put out a competent individual that is reasonably able to connect to people.

Oh. And do the exact opposite of what the Liberals are doing.


I don't care Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorists. That guy is making a helluva lot more sense than the mainstream media these days. Just how out of their minds the left are? Brian Williams, I kid you not, is starting a crusade to combat...get this...are you ready?....FAKE NEWS!

Hillary has been on this 'fake news' garbage too. The woman who claimed 'a vast right-wing conspiracy' was out to get her philandering hubby who committed perjury is talking fake news. And why is she even fricken talking? She just lost an election. No one wants to here her views anymore. It's over. Have the decency to step aside and go away. These people have no shame.

Anyway, Jones is a lovely source for quotes. To wit:

Quote of the moment: 'The modern liberal is a Stalinistic freak'. 

Another AJ beaut: 'NPR is a Jim Jones brainwashing cult'.

Let's add the BBC and CBC (hello Neil MacDonald!) to that shall we?



Not enough left-wing tolerance? Scratch a benevolent progressives, find an empty-headed totalitarian.

Okay. Here's Jennifer Rubin.

Remember folks. Not fake news because it's The Washington Post!

Not a very bright person that brings much to the table.

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