Drain The Intellectual Swamp Littered With Progressivism

Watching the Democrats not go away in dignity after the election result has been quite the astonishing display of being quintessential sore losers. The problem is, they seem prepared to burn the whole thing down with all their nonsense and shenanigans about recounts and Russia.

If they were to pull this off it would lead to serious civil unrest.

All based on a....tantrum. Really, it's all it is. There is not evidence Russia hacked anything. There was no real election fraud and it unfortunately took taxpayer dollars to humour the arrogant cynicism of Jill Stein. There really isn't any intellectual reason for it; unless you want to delude yourself in faux self-righteous rage.

The left is just doing what it always did. Lie and rely on faulty premises.

You can build a civil and compassionate society without progressive policies that are rooted in envy and violence. You don't need 'progressivism' to find enlightened ways to, for example, provide education to the poor.

End this ride.

I think Shapiro is more on cue with this I'm afraid.

Anecdote. The other day I made an innocuous comment regarding slavery and Irish indentured servants. It was rooted in simple, basic, irrefutable facts. But someone didn't like it and made the predictable leap to calling someone they don't know on the Internet a....ready?.....racist.

This is the power and intellect of the progressive left these days.

Time to drain the swamp.

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