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I think we're getting a pretty good indication of how things are gonna go under Trump where the media is concerned.

Whatever he does, the left will bash and complain about even if it's something they supported under Obama. Don't be surprised if they suddenly hate drone killings, deficits, bail outs and war again.

I mean, like, where have Green Day been, man?!

Trump hasn't even taken power and the criticism is already off the charts. Notice the hysterical reaction to his staff appointments. It's almost as if they don't grasp the concept of the winner gets to make their own government. It's almost as if they expected him to appoint people they agree with. Of course, that's what the left demands. Complete submission. But they won't get that with Trump. Thankfully.

Obama filled his appointments with questionable people with some dubious backgrounds; some even ended up being incompetent.

He got his kick at the can and now it's Trump's Presidency.

What's so hard to accept and comprehend?

Meanwhile Obama has already begun the process of whitewashing his legacy.

All the stuff he did will become Trump's except the left will not tolerate any 'I inherited a mess' excuse.

Another example I've observed of how the media is going to cover Trump is a report I saw about him being named Time's Person of the Year. Never got worked up over that myself but it was very interesting to hear the person interviewed on CTV News say it's not an award or something for positive recognition (along those lines anyway).


When Obama was named TPofY not a single person came out to try and belittle it. It was reported as though it was a great honor to get.

The media literally insults you to your face and people still watch this garbage? I happened to see it because it was a commercial to watch them at 11pm. I don't watch news that takes me for an idiot.

Get ready.

It's gonna be a loooong four years where the mainstream press is concerned regarding Trump.

And Trump is just going to troll the heck out of them.

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