Updated: Losers Are Gonna Loser: List Of Excuses Democrats And Its Believers Have Issued With A Straight Face For Hillary's Loss

I've updated this list on December 19, 2016. Those will be in bold orange; the original remain in blue.

Here's a laundry list of excuses we've heard about why Hillary lost. And they just keep coming and as they do they get weirder and weirder and more unhinged:

-We didn't show up.  Obama said, "So part of the reason it's important to show up, and when I say show up, I don't just mean during election time, but to be in there engaging and listening and being with people," he said, "is because it then builds trust and it gives you a better sense of how should you talk about issues in a way that feel salient and feel meaningful to people."

Yeah, calling people racists and blaming colonialism or bitter clingers or deplorables (want more examples) is probably not a good idea. Decent Americans sorta took notice, you know?

The problem is you pitched your values and Americans rejected it.

Then again, this is a President who came to rely on the Executive Order to mask his inability to sell his ideas to Congress but now astonishingly offers Trump unsolicited lectures on the dangers of such orders. The very definition of a great statesman is to be able to rise above and reach over to his or her opponents. Obama gave the impression he was flippant and wasn't all that interested in working to achieve such goals and objective relying instead on demonizing and executive orders. Not to mention his musings on unilateral action is stunning given he bypassed Congress to depose Qaddafy only to leave that country in tatters while unleashing a refugee and migrant crisis that Italy and Greece had to deal with.

The head spins. 

-Jon Stewart. The one-time anchor of a popular satire show, it was believe many young people got their news from him. It has been alleged had he not stepped down from The Daily Show, millennials would have voted for Hillary. Easy, sneasy.

-Third party candidates. Poor Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and even Bernie Sanders. Apparently, their existence is bad for democracy. People voting with their conscience doesn't strengthen democracy, it damages it! If it were not for third party candidates, Hillary would have, you guessed it, won.

-James Comey (with special appearance by Anthony Weiner). The head of the FBI investigated Hillary's emails (where she was unwilling or incapable of backing down and accepting responsibility. She was warned by everyone from her husband to the President it wasn't such a good idea but did it anyway because she's that delusional and arrogant) and declined to indict her. However, when new emails arose via Weiner's cell phone, the bureau had no choice but to investigate and reopen the case. It is said this swayed the vote.

-Misogyny. America wasn't ready for a woman president just like they couldn't handle a black President (even though they voted for one - twice). Nope. They just hate women and voted for a women hating gorilla who says bas things.

-Racism. Naturally. As mentioned, the same voting populace who voted for Obama suddenly flipped and turned racism led by the 6000 strong KKK.

-Ignorance. Rust belt, fly country and blue collar workers. Duh. A no-brainer.

-The NRA. The NRA are the boogey-men of the left. It would not have been normal had they not mentioned the organization with 4 million members.

-Fox. I mean come on! It's always Fox's and Rush Limbaugh's fault! Know what's playing in dentist offices everywhere? Fox. Know what made me beat up a Muslim randomly? Fox. Not CNN. Fox has mind-altering powers only Democrats seem to understand.

-Alt-right/alt-media/talk radio. This one is actually a troubling one because it's a narrative they will use as an excuse to shut down free speech, websites and and news organizations that don't toe the propaganda line. Milo, Beck, Limbaugh, Molyneux, Breitbart never mind blogs are all in trouble.

-Fake news. This (which is connected to the above) is all the rage among the fanatics who have suspended rational thought and reason.  Fake news is nothing but a smear campaign of sorts. It's an unholy alliance of media, politics and business interests out to double down on beginning the process of cracking down on free speech. The hypocrisy is stunning given what we've seen, for example, at the NYT, NBC, and with Dan Rather and Brian Williams over the years. This one is a serious matter and we must not buy into this obvious attempt by the whores in the media to usurp the wishes of the American people and keep from them the truth. Let's not get into the undisclosed conflicts of interest of Bezos owning WaPo and Slim the NYT.

Whatever. She's lame.

And so is Elizabeth Warren:

It's not rigged, @realDonaldTrump. You're losing fair & square. Put on your big-boy pants because this is what accountability looks like.

- Citizens United. This from the candidate that raised more money than the three main candidates combined. 

- Wikileaks - Of all the excuses, this one probably has the most reach but likely not enough to determine the outcome.

- Electoral college. As yes, when all else fails blame the system and...democracy. This one has done more to reveal the naked ignorance and hypocrisy of the left. This debate is pretty much a non-starter and waste of energy. It's counter-productive and only serves to instil angst into people for no good reason. The electoral college is the system and determines elections. Not the popular vote. Simple. That Hillary won the popular vote is completely irrelevant because this is not how elections are won. It's like saying yeah we lost 3-2 but we outshot our opponents so in reality we deserve to win.

Hillary's 'popular vote' essentially came from California. Outside California, Trump won.

All this intellectual energy is wasted into what comes down to ONE state out of 50.

Also, what happened to all those people who were supposed to 'flip' their votes for Hillary? In fact, she lost more votes than Trump! More of that mainstream fake news, huh.

- Russia. This deserves its own post and then some. Never mind there is little or no evidence Russia tampered with anything, it's quite the nauseating meme. But even if they did was it enough to change the outcome? Worse, is it a reason to antagonize Russia while beating the war drums? Of course not. It's the direct result of  derelict and dangerous Democrat establishment that's lashing out at anything and everything in its path. Like the fake news narrative, this one can come with serious consequences. The former can usher in a 1984 Orwellian destruction of free speech and the latter war.

Luckily, people who write this rubbish often face the wrath of people no longer buying into the lies; it not just plain lazy journalism and meek intellectualism.

And forget about how the left suddenly have rediscovered their anti-war voice, the 1A even going as far to claim stimulus won't work under Trump because reasons. As it's been repeated endlessly on this blog, the left have no principles. And where they've run out of arguments, they resort to shouting and reaching for anti-liberty tactics such as calling for imprisonment, shutting down guest speakers and the like. When that's not enough, they just simply go straight for the death threats as they did threatening the lives of electoral voters. One site, who will not be linked here, even published the addresses of voters.

To return to Hillary and Russia. Recall that she meddled (Ted Kennedy did it first in the 1980s) in the Ukraine election and decided to attempt the overthrow of Assad. Both were gigantic 'grab my pussy' type fuck you's to Russia.
It's Hillary's well-established belligerence, lack of tone deaf self-awareness,  and fetish for violence that would lead to blinding blundering stupidity leading to a war.  
A loose canon really.
With Trump, at least Putin (who has the full backing of his populace) will be able to discuss fighting radical Sunni Islamic terrorism as well as resetting the climate change (particularly the fossil fuel industry which Obama sought to eradicate) hysteria and toning it down a little.
Long story short? Trump is more rational. The way Hillary spoke about Russia is plain not normal.

That's some list. All that's missing is climate change.

They learned well from their boss the 'I didn't do it' President. You know, the President who just said, 'I inherited a mess' and 'GOP obstructionism' whenever things didn't go his way or failed to do anything of note. He set the tone to let this kind of thinking sink into the psyche of the party.

If the Democrats were a person or a team, I'd want nothing to do with them. Could you imagine being around someone who constantly bitched and moaned like this? I couldn't stand to be around someone who constantly blamed others for their mistakes and decisions.

If sports teams blame a loss on:
1) field, court or ice conditions.
2) officiating.
3) crowd noise.
4) opponent tampering with equipment.
5) the media.
6) injuries.
7) luck.
While we *could* see some justification in the whining it would not detract from the fact they lost to a better team. Period.
Usually this means:
1) better preparation and execution.
2) better overhaul talent and team spirt/play.
3) mental and clock management.
4) superior tactics and management.
5) determination and grit (aka heart/wanting it more).
6) luck.

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