More Video Clips On The Failures Of The Democrat Party

Obama really needs to put a sock in it. The more he speaks, the more he loses what's left of any credibility where his defunct foreign policy is concerned. His own behaviour to undermine Russia in the Ukraine wasn't exactly appreciated either.

Syria is his piece de resistance and he failed miserably. Trying to chastise the Russians simply isn't working and is transparent in its cynicism.

Own it, Mr. President.

Hard, I know, for you to do, but there it is.


Yikes! Can Democrats be anymore insufferable and disingenuous? How deep does this mind set run in this party?

Look. It's simple:


I think everyone knows by now they're at best over playing Russian involvement in the elections. It's such a stupid distraction it can only appeal to stupid people.

Searching for truth my ass.

They're just pissed off. Simple as that and they're taking the country down with them. It's what the left does as purveyors of a degenerate ideology thankfully on its death bed.


Here's an adult take on U.S.-Russian relations in The National Interest for those of you who care and still maintain a sensible outlook on politics.

The left are too far gone to even attempt a civil and intelligent discourse with.

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