FDR: Not Dead Enough

When I was in school FDR was painted as a hero. The man who pulled America out of a recession and gave a really cool speech committing America to World War II.

That he interned and imposed strict curfews on Japanese, Italian and German Americans (like Liberal leader Mackenzie King did up here) was just one of those unfortunate byproducts of fighting a war.

As I continued on my journey into history, I soon learned the accepted main narrative of FDR wasn't so perfect. A second look at his economic policies persuasively suggest he prolonged The Great Depression (Obama is said to have pulled America out of its second Great Depression and even there we see this is just not so as America struggled under his Presidency) not to mention him confiscating private gold holdings where he ordered Americans to sell it at $20.67 per ounce only for him to turn around and sell it at $34.

I think they call this 'loan sparking' tactics on the street.

In any event, how a supreme elitist like FDR became the 'people's President' is nuts to me.

He eroded their wealth and trampled on their civil liberties.

Let's put FDR in proper perspective where his progressivism is concerned.


  1. In reality even the greatest leaders and heroes have their "dark sides" and "dark secrets".
    Upon further investigation it could also be revealed that "FDR's shit stank the same as everyone else's" I suppose.

    1. This is why sober reflection is a good thing in history. Not necessarily 'revisionism' but to revisit and reassesses. More of a 'hm, maybe those depression policies weren't so great because 'xyz'.


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