Castro: Not Dead Enough

Not surprisingly, the CBC, CTV and other main networks have done a piss-poor job of reporting on the death of Cuba. I'm not sure why they insist on trying to paint a 'balanced' view on his death since it comes off as forced and trivial. They can't possibly expect principled and well-read minds to accept their drivel can they? Absent from their reports - or at least glossed over with slick editing - is the simple fact Castro was a murderous thug. You'll never see pictures of him shooting farmers in the head because they're too busy fabricating his story.

If you need reminding about how things work in dictatorships.

You know. Each time I see traditional newscasts I wonder how anyone could possibly watch it. The internet has completely made a farce of what they report. They still think they can edit their way into their version of the truth. And when you take their 'truth' and match or verify it against what's really happening you see first hand just how irresponsible, out of touch and much of a joke they've become.

The bottom line is none of these people would ever live a single day under Castro's regime. Sure, they love Cuba's beaches but that wasn't Cuba. That was make-believe; a figment of their stale imagination.

Personally, after I left Cuba, I was disappointed in myself for my money went to a tyrant who mistreated human beings. I was complicit in his crimes against humanity for one week.

Castro. He can never be dead enough.


  1. In an off-hand way Cuba was pretty much like most any other country ...
    Namely: The "system" comes first, the "system" is God. The needs and desires of the citizens are incidental and some may be met if they don't inconvenience the "system" in any way.
    But, first and foremost, the "system" rules and has top priority.
    It's that invisible "Frankenstein" beast ultimately known as a "society".

    And, hey, ALL cultures pretty much operate their "systems" in a similar manner.

    1. Maybe, but not all countries are police states who apply their 'system' with brute force that demean and destroy human rights. Castro's Cuba was a black mark. Simple as that.


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